About Us

Hello! I am Lori & Co

My mothers and grandmothers knew how to sew, embroider, knit, so they had taught us all these things. Since early childhood, we tried to dress our dolls up. Some time passed and we made a try to dress. And our friends and acquaintances also asked us to do some beautiful things - cozy and comfortable. So the idea of our shop had appeared. In addition to the items on display in our store, we are always ready to take individual orders. If you have any special requests we will be happy to help you to implement your idea.

We are proud of our creations and want you to be satisfied and wear them with pleasure!


170-55 Strawberry Hill Ave 
Woodbridge NJ 07095

215 Redfern Ave
Westmount Quebec H3Z 3L5

14-25 Viney St
 Chermside West QLD 4032

EU Ukraine
30 years of Victory 14-A
Rubizhne 93012




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